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30 Mar 2020


It has been a bit quiet for a bit in here. I'm going to quick start a new round of essays with a musical one. _Menager...
09 Mar 2020

Tail Call Optimization in Elixir

Explains what Tail Call Optimization is and shows how you can use it to reduce the memory consumption of Elixir applications.
18 Feb 2020

Mocking Asynchronous Functions In Python

Post on how to mock asynchronous (asyncio) functions in Python.
07 Jan 2020

How to make Twitter preview your website links

Blogpost on how to update your website so that whenever you tweet about it Twitter displays a preview of the content.
07 Jan 2020

Deconstructing Github's History Modification Advice

Github has a tutorial in which it explains how people can [change commit author information](https://help.github.com/e...
31 Dec 2019

How to Access Host Resources in Minikube Pods?

This title is self-explanatory but, in any case, how can I access host resources in `minikube`? It seems straightforwar...
23 Dec 2019

Python Tuple Syntax Is Confusing

Post about how Python's tuple syntax can make you run around trying to fix bugs that are easily avoided.
23 Dec 2019

The Decalogue

An album inspired by the Ten Commandments, composed by Sufjan Stevens and performed by Timo Andres. It was composed to ...
01 Dec 2019

Minor Follow-up on Hacktoberfest 2019

In a previous essay I wrote about the process behind my Hacktoberfest 2019 contributions. It is now worthwhile to make ...
18 Nov 2019

Another Note on Elevating Shell Scripts

A long while ago I wrote about how to [elevate shell scripts](https://hugomartins.io/blog/on-elevating-shell-scripts/) ...