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13 Nov 2019


I’ve been really into bossa nova lately and I ended up finding out about this classic *Getz/Gilberto* which is a record...
11 Nov 2019

How to Escape { in Python

Last week, I was faced with an intriguing question. How do I escape `{` when using `str.format` in Python? [str.format...
04 Nov 2019

Giving Back with Hacktoberfest 2019

Hacktoberfest 2019 just finished and this is my personal story of achievement and failure, all at the same time. I only...
29 Oct 2019

DevOps Lisbon, September 2019 - Recap

I intended to write this much sooner but I got distracted and let it slip a lot. It has now been more than a month sinc...
25 Oct 2019

awesome-linters has a website!

After years of maintaining [awesome-linters](https://github.com/caramelomartins/awesome-linters), with the help of [awe...
04 Aug 2019

A Cost to Picking Junk

Seth Godin wrote an interesting small piece about [curation in times of internet giants](https://seths.blog/2019/07/sur...
24 Jul 2019

Elixir Findings: Asynchronous Task Streams

Blogpost documenting how to use Task.async_stream/2 to run tasks in parallel using Elixir
01 Jun 2019

PyInstaller + PyFiglet = Trouble

This essay is a slightly extended version of a [comment](https://github.com/pyinstaller/pyinstaller/issues/2389#issueco...
14 Feb 2019

FOSDEM 2019 - A Review

## Introduction This year I decided to make the trip to Belgium and attend FOSDEM 2019, on February 2 and 3. I have an...