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A Cost to Picking Junk

04 Aug, 2019

Seth Godin wrote an interesting small piece about curation in times of internet giants.

There are some interesting bits on this small piece:

They were curators and their curation led to promotion and attention. There was a cost to picking junk, and a benefit to earning trust.

The tech giants have surrendered that ability, with the costs and benefits that come with it. They end up disrespecting creations and their creators.


The platforms are built on the idea that the audience plus the algorithm do all the deciding. No curation, no real promotion, simply the system, grinding away.

This goes back a bit to something I wrote previously on the impact of surrendering all power to tech giants, who are increasingly the web gatekeepers - controlling access to information. We are in the process of surrendering all power of information curation, access and discovery to the same entities, with all the impact and risk that comes with it.